Meet Crystal Ku

This past month I’ve had the absolute pleasure of coming to know our new incoming class at the junior college. After spending a week with them in the backcountry wilderness of Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve during our unique orientation and leadership development program – here I’m speaking about the Outdoor Leadership Adventure, that weeklong camping trip I discussed in a previous article  – I have come to the realization that here at John Paul II Junior College we have some of the most interesting students in the world.

And here is one: Hailing all the way from the other side of the country, meet Crystal Ku.

My name is Crystal Ku.

{No matter the place, no matter the audience, she states her name confidently – and with a little tint of a smile – so that all can hear. We’re sitting in a coffee shop with a litany of other students and professors helping each other plan student council campaigns. Crystal, all the while we’re in the shop, has actually managed to find other people to create her VP campaign poster. The making of a true leader right there.}

I’d say I’m outgoing, love playing sports, eating – actually I want to become a chef and own my very own restaurant someday.

So that’s your dream?

To become a top chef of Belize? Absolutely.

Why did you come to Benque to study? You moved from the Caribbean coast to the border of Guatemala, you left behind your entire family and all of your friends, all to be the first student of your kind to pursue a liberal education. Why?

I recently came into the Church, and yes, while I miss my family a terrible amount and yes, while my friends miss me back in Belize City, I had come to the campus during its dedication and I was immediately attracted. It was just beautiful and I had to come.

So then what’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at this beautiful campus?

A line is not made up of points – in high school we were taught differently.

{“Yeah, which doesn’t make any sense,” – pipes up her Euclidean Geometry professor who is sitting in the same corner of the coffee shop as us.}

But Miss, if I really had to say something – to truly share a message – I’d tell people to never give up on their goals, ‘cause it’ll pay off in the future. The Lord has seen my life – He’s really impacted it. He could do the same for others if they’d just believe in Him.

So there you are, believe in Him and quit with your doubting.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this gem is to finish with her favorite poem, “Nothing” by Belizean poet, Erwin Jones.


Well, ah deh ya di sid down
No the think bout nothin,
When ah realize
The birds no the sing nothin

Down stairs, the daags the bark ahta nothin
Or dah ahta dem lazy bway by the lane
Weh no the do nothin
The sag dem pants fi nothin,
The fast wid the leel gal dem fi nothin.

Cross the street, as usual
Miss Mavis she, the rale-up fi nothin.
Jun Jun, just slap ih big lip sista fi nothin.
Every baddy round ya
could hear fi she simple bawling.

Mack-Kuh just tell ih pickney
Fi stop cry fi nothin
Befo she mek ih bawl fi something.

Wait, Wait,
The mail man jus pass
And da bugga no bring me nothin
I can’t believe my bredda dah states
No send me nothin.
Yo see why yo can’t depend pan dem fi nothin.

Mi oleman jus come een from fishin,
And mi ma she start rale-up,
Cause the po’ man no ketch nothin.
Mi ma seh fi suppa
We wah have to eat
fi she backside this evening.
If dah so be the case,
Me no want nothin.

Well, news deh ahn pan the TV
But ih no really show nothin.
We ker it gone get fix
But the man seh he can’t do nothin.
So we get lone talkin.

According to the annoucer,
Today, PUP just win
Dem bus UDP backside because
Dem neva do nothin
Ih seh Chini-man get shot today
Fi nothin
But I mo’ think
Dah mi fi ih own Fry Chicken.

Now! Weh pah Babylon deh,
When den ya things the happin
Dem di drive round eena dem troopa
No di do nothin.
The chance black man fi nothin.

Ya dah day,
Babylon stop me fi nothin,
Rub me down fi nothin,
Punch me eena my mouth fi nothin,
Mek my lip start bleed fi nothin.

Dem ker me dah station
And lock me down fi nothin.
Dem release me the next mawning
And no tell me nothin!
And if da neva nothin!
Dem woulda me bad fi charge me,
Fi nothin!

And yet me no fi seh nothin!
But afta dis, I no wah yer nothin.
No ask me nothin
No tell me nothin
I no know nothin
Me no see nothin
Fool! No talk big
Bway! I dah hurt yo fi nothin
Me no fraid fi nothin.

Ah write this poem,
when ah mi deh home
mi di chill out no mi the
do nothin.


{Now imagine her whipping out a recitation of that in a thick and heavy Creole accent in the twilight of the evening out on the mountain all because I said, “You like poetry? Let me see something.”}

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