A Cup of Friendship with a Touch of Tea

So you want to pursue Christ with all your heart?

{Yes, more than anything.}

And how are you doing it?

{Well by loving Him and doing His work.}

{But that’s just the thing – what is His work? If only I knew what my calling was. If I did, I could pursue my vocation head on. I would stop at nothing. I could prepare and live confidently because I would know exactly what it is He is wanting of me.}

Here’s the thing, we are his children right?

{Well, yeah.}

And He wants us to be happy, no?

{Of course, He does.}

When a child goes out to play, does he ask his parents what he ought to play? ‘Oh, mummy and daddy, please tell me what I should play today!’ No, he doesn’t. That’s just weird. Instead he goes out into the yard and he knows that he isn’t supposed to go beyond the boundaries of the fence, when it’s dark he’ll go in, and when it’s time to eat his parents will call. Other than that, he’s free to play as he wishes.


That’s life.

It’s a game in which we play, and as long as we are pursuing Him and staying within the “bounds” of our yard, nothing can harm us. So quit asking Him if your mud pies should be made with stones or dandelions or if your airplanes should be made with red or blue paper and simply play.




It’s easy for us to want a guarantee, to want to know what the right decision is so we can be certain to choose it. I don’t know what bothers you but a very special friend shared this thought with me over breakfast one morn and I must leave it with you:

Stop pursuing an assurance for your vocation and just play.

If you play within the boundaries, no harm can befall you.

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