A First Semester Teacher

My art and rhetoric classes are over as tonight I submitted the last of my grades. At the start of this year, I never envisioned myself as a teacher, but now having had the opportunity and the continued honor to fulfill such a role, it’s difficult to imagine myself somewhere else.

For the last seventeen years, I’ve lived my role as student. I studied and went to class; I set goals and studied more. That’s all that I’ve known, but now stepping to the front of the class to assume the role as professor, I’ve not only grown a tremendous amount, but I’ve been given a certain insight into these past seventeen years.

Because our courses at John Paul II may be the only exposure these students have to these particular subjects, we work with an extra dedication as we shape our lessons. I pour myself into each and every classroom experience because while the student has the ultimate responsibility in his learning, the teacher must offer the initial intrigue. And in doing this, I come to realize what it was all about these past seventeen years. My heart goes to my students as with each lesson, each reading and assignment, each speech and every drawing, I’m trying to tap into their hidden intrigue. I’m working to challenge the conversations on their hearts as we enter into the struggle and yet beautiful gift that is the expansion of mind.

And so with that, the first ever art class at the only tertiary institution in Benque comes to a close. The students are no longer required to present weekly speeches and my desk will no longer be filled with ceramic tiles and charcoal pencils. But do not worry yourself any! This coming spring term ushers in some very exciting new courses: macroeconomics, humanities, and creative writing.

So get ready for some incredible fun, because now I’ll be able to teach the first year students as well.

And econ is bomb.

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