The Origin of Friendship


Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being present with friends that I am rarely able to see and friends I didn’t realize I hadn’t yet met.  It will remain a coveted time in my memory as I recall both the mental and physical exploration that transpires when one enters into a new city with new people. There’s something quite remarkable about the origin of friendship and another thing romantic about it waxing in the South. Oh, Atlanta how you have looked kindly upon me.






I never quite understood the favor many of my peers take with urban environments. Perhaps it’s been my lack of experience, uncertainty about the vibe, or simple insecurities that have restrained me from opening my heart to the opportunity that an urban center provides. Nowhere have I been surrounded by so many culturally heightened individuals that appreciate such tasteful design. It was one of those experiences where you ask yourself how you ever lived without it before.

Remember, while it’s easy to miss a beauty that is right before your eyes, it’s even simpler to miss that new friend that’s just partaking in small-talk beside you. Go out. See the world. Risk a smile. You never know who you’ll surprise with it.


Note: Image used in the design is an original capture by the beautiful Elizabeth Guettler.

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