Glancing at the Bookshelf

I don’t think one could ever fully comprehend the expansion of mind that takes place through the act of reading unless he enters into it for himself. I could sit here and write to you all of the incredible occurrences that will transpire throughout your life if you construct the habit of reading great works, but I’m going to assume that you already know that.

Therefore, let me jump that and provide for you my missioner’s reading list. These are the books that I read when I moved to Belize, and these are the very writers that have helped shape my heart.

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A First Semester Teacher

My art and rhetoric classes are over as tonight I submitted the last of my grades. At the start of this year, I never envisioned myself as a teacher, but now having had the opportunity and the continued honor to fulfill such a role, it’s difficult to imagine myself somewhere else.

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The Young Revolutionaries

Earlier in the year I aided my students in their very public anti-corruption movement. You see, the Belizean government has been suffering from internal scandals and international upheavals. Certain members within the inner-workings of the nation are not only corrupt, but are known for being corrupt. Starting with a strike of the teachers, the people rallied and demanded that the government change its ways.

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The Reason I’ve Been Absent for a Moment

With the emergence of my teaching career, I have found myself unable to write. It’s not necessarily that I have been too busy, we can all claim to be too busy for a litany of responsibilities. Rather, I haven’t written for a while because I’m learning what it is to be present to those that surround me.

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Meet Br. Dave

“It has awakened my heart in a new way, to a new vitality and life in Christ.”

For just a moment in time, I was able to work alongside one of the most jovial and Christ-filled individuals whom I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A man with a heart of gold, Br. Dave quickly became a dear friend.

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Adventure Awaits

That’s what we told the incoming class as we drove them deep into the remote mountains of Belize. We were off to enter into a week of backcountry living, a type of living that these students had never encountered before.

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