My Goddaughter Sofia

In the heart of a hyperactive collection of cement buildings, motos, and burrito joints — think Tijuana in the 80s — lives a little girl just over a year old. She’s from the vibrantly pulsating heart of the Petén in Guatemala and I am so happy to be a part of her life.

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Meet the Crew


{Heck yeah for round two!}


And while I do wish you could all meet these marvelous people, I can only give you a little snippet of an insight into their thoughts. I asked them to share with me what has been an unexpected surprise this past month as I nudged them on over to a visually interesting wall and told them to smile. Without any further nonsense and with great pleasure, here are the really incredible folks I’m serving alongside this year at the junior college:


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Meet Crystal Ku

This past month I’ve had the absolute pleasure of coming to know our new incoming class at the junior college. After spending a week with them in the backcountry wilderness of Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve during our unique orientation and leadership development program – here I’m speaking about the Outdoor Leadership Adventure, that weeklong camping trip I discussed in a previous article  – I have come to the realization that here at John Paul II Junior College we have some of the most interesting students in the world.

And here is one: Hailing all the way from the other side of the country, meet Crystal Ku.

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Meet Br. Dave

“It has awakened my heart in a new way, to a new vitality and life in Christ.”

For just a moment in time, I was able to work alongside one of the most jovial and Christ-filled individuals whom I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A man with a heart of gold, Br. Dave quickly became a dear friend.

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Meet Sintia

“I want to become a saint basically.”

Sintia, the first Belizean volunteer here at the mission, is the young woman whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend. Graduating from John Paul II Junior College only this past year, she has already moved into the room above me and has dedicated her time to working alongside us. Intrigued by this, I decided to sit down with this friend who doesn’t really enjoy small talk and do just that, chat for a bit.

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