Guatemalan Adventuring

A couple weeks ago I took advantage of the Pan American Holiday and hopped a bus to Guatemala City. I was en route to go visit my newfound family in the mountains of Guatemala – you remember the small aldea of Joya de los Cedros, no?

{I haven’t yet figured out how to communicate smiles through my writing – and even my conversation seems to be inadequate. Ask any of the missionaries here and they’ll tell you that I speak with my hands like no other. Heck, the comment of my hand dancing even made itself into a homily this past week.}

So with that, let’s continue with the words and my writing – here’s the transpirings from Guatemala:

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Glancing at the Bookshelf

I don’t think one could ever fully comprehend the expansion of mind that takes place through the act of reading unless he enters into it for himself. I could sit here and write to you all of the incredible occurrences that will transpire throughout your life if you construct the habit of reading great works, but I’m going to assume that you already know that.

Therefore, let me jump that and provide for you my missioner’s reading list. These are the books that I read when I moved to Belize, and these are the very writers that have helped shape my heart.

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The Jeweler’s Apprentice

As many of you know, I am creating devotional medals for the canonization efforts of Padre Hermogenes Lopez Coarchita of Guatemala. I have been continually humbled throughout this project as I experience more and more the influence of his lifework. Due to a litany of unforeseen circumstances and perhaps a touch of my habitual procrastination, I had devoted my last two weeks in the States to the casting of pewter. The makeshift studio in my kitchen was prepared with the thirty-three pounds of pewter begging to be fired as I went on a search through town to find the tiniest of engravers. You see, I had to make slight modifications to the lettering in my resin cast before I made the master mold for the pewter.

And here is when the hand of God made itself known.

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The Sculpting of a Saint

It is with great joy that I share about a project I have been working. This past week I have been finalizing changes to a medal I am creating to encourage devotion to a Guatemalan martyr, Padre Hermogenes Lopez Coarchita. Creating the original model out of clay, I carefully shift the material with the steadiest of hands in an effort to encapsulate his essence.

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