Prayer at the Mission

Within my first day with the community, we prayed at least five different times together. Being a Catholic, and recently graduating from one of the best Catholic institutions in the nation, I was used to this, but there was a little extra anxiety added to the mix as I found that this group prayer became a source of insecurity.

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Quinceañera Revelations

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of singing at a local quinceañera. { It was particularly special as I was able to sing Ave Maria for the first time not with an organ but with a guitar. So that’s cool. Less you only like organs.} Later as we made our way into the after party bash, our tiny band really tore it up late into the night. As I stood out there on the dance floor, it hit me.

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A Day in the Life of a Catholic Missionary

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the mission field?

Or Belize?

Or your favorite missionary?

{Yeah, Mom, I know you do.}

It has now been six months since I’ve seen my family, and to mark such a moment, I’d like to give you a little peak into what any ol’ day in Benque looks like. Furthermore, if you’re considering long-term service, this is a great place to wet your tongue with a taste of what a “normal” day looks like in the missions.

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A First Semester Teacher

My art and rhetoric classes are over as tonight I submitted the last of my grades. At the start of this year, I never envisioned myself as a teacher, but now having had the opportunity and the continued honor to fulfill such a role, it’s difficult to imagine myself somewhere else.

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The Young Revolutionaries

Earlier in the year I aided my students in their very public anti-corruption movement. You see, the Belizean government has been suffering from internal scandals and international upheavals. Certain members within the inner-workings of the nation are not only corrupt, but are known for being corrupt. Starting with a strike of the teachers, the people rallied and demanded that the government change its ways.

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The Reason I’ve Been Absent for a Moment

With the emergence of my teaching career, I have found myself unable to write. It’s not necessarily that I have been too busy, we can all claim to be too busy for a litany of responsibilities. Rather, I haven’t written for a while because I’m learning what it is to be present to those that surround me.

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The Origin of Friendship


Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being present with friends that I am rarely able to see and friends I didn’t realize I hadn’t yet met.  It will remain a coveted time in my memory as I recall both the mental and physical exploration that transpires when one enters into a new city with new people. There’s something quite remarkable about the origin of friendship and another thing romantic about it waxing in the South. Oh, Atlanta how you have looked kindly upon me.

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