The 24th Year

This past month I celebrated my birthday abroad for the third time. I turned twenty while I was in Italy and now twenty-three and twenty-four while in Belize. Really something crazy, eh?

But this time it wasn’t about adding another year to the palette of interesting travels or even concocting creative goals to achieve within certain age parameters. This day rather was spent in conversation with God about how I am to live radically for Him.

And to all of you who are around this age – heck maybe some of you are at this golden number – the world is going to tell you either to live it up now or to set your life in such a way that you’re to achieve all the sparkles and bells by the age of forty.

That’s ridiculous.

There are sparkles and bells throughout your entire life.

But really, many young saints – look at St. Thérèse of Lisieux or Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati – died at the age of twenty-four. No one can tell you that their lives were without intentional living. Nobody rationally can argue against the notion that a certain beauty overwhelmed their moments and an incredible influence poured itself out. I can’t think of a single person who would sit and tell me that these young people weren’t happy.

And so make this year count – whatever year you’re in – make it count.

Live radically and love richly.

Never let a day pass without radiating joy throughout all of your being.

{What does that mean? Try it out for a bit. They say practice makes perfect.}

And if you’re not Catholic or Christian or religious or whatever other excuse you may say to me if we were sitting in conversation– still make it count.


You have no reason why you couldn’t complete my joy.

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