Guatemalan Adventuring

A couple weeks ago I took advantage of the Pan American Holiday and hopped a bus to Guatemala City. I was en route to go visit my newfound family in the mountains of Guatemala – you remember the small aldea of Joya de los Cedros, no?

{I haven’t yet figured out how to communicate smiles through my writing – and even my conversation seems to be inadequate. Ask any of the missionaries here and they’ll tell you that I speak with my hands like no other. Heck, the comment of my hand dancing even made itself into a homily this past week.}

So with that, let’s continue with the words and my writing – here’s the transpirings from Guatemala:

  • A newly ordained deacon let me read morning prayer to him while he drove me through the City.
  • I brought intentions from our mission in Belize to the tomb of the martyr, Padre Hermógenes.
  • We participated in a First Communion celebration in neighboring Carmen.
  • One of my sweetest friends there told me she was engaged.
  • I climbed the bell towers and made it to the roof of the first cathedral of Guatemala.
  • There were English classes being taught in Joya for the first time by native English tongues.
  • I toured the chapel and construction has finished with interior work beginning.
  • An entire night was spent being slightly frightened by the volcanoes overlooking Antigua.
  • The children of Joya have the same affinity for my rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” as they did before.




Oh, and I met the sister of Padre Hermógenes.

Her name is María Clemencia, she’s ninety-four years old, and she’s super cool.

{This is the point where I would really want to use my hands in dialogue.}

While there it was shared with me that they’d like to use the bronze medal that I cast last summer as the model for the gift of the 40th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of P. Hermógenes.

All glory be to God.

Pooling all their resources and using a local jeweler, it’ll still cost about $4 per medal to make. The people would like to make at least one thousand medals for his anniversary on June 30 of 2018. If you would like to help aid them in reaching this goal or have other ways you think you may be able to serve with any of the projects down here in Central America, send me a message using the contact form on this site.

Peace, blessings, and send your prayers to Joya – they specifically requested that I pray through Divino Niño for them – so you can too!

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