Meet the Crew


{Heck yeah for round two!}


And while I do wish you could all meet these marvelous people, I can only give you a little snippet of an insight into their thoughts. I asked them to share with me what has been an unexpected surprise this past month as I nudged them on over to a visually interesting wall and told them to smile. Without any further nonsense and with great pleasure, here are the really incredible folks I’m serving alongside this year at the junior college:


Miss Megan

Roughly 5’2.5″ from the UP

The most surprising thing I think I have encountered so far has been the students’ and other volunteers’ unwavering openness to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions on faith and its role and impact in their lives. I just haven’t been in an environment like this before and it has been beautifully refreshing.

I’m filled with excitement and joy with all the graces and experiences that are to come!


Miss Nitya

Roughly 5’7″ from San Francisco

I can survive in the wilderness with the help of others.

God manifests his guidance in unlikely and unexpected people and ways.


Miss Sintia

Roughly 5′ 4″ from Benque

I was surprised by how quickly I was able to form friendships with people I have very little in common with.


Mr. Andrew

Roughly 6’4″ from Cleveland

Unexpected thing: no restaurant chains in Benque – or Coke in a bag
Unexpected thing I learned: cutting rope with rope
Unexpected thing I grew in: sleeping in pickup trucks
Unexpected thing I discovered about what have you: zero public waste treatment system


Miss Angela

Roughly 5’11” from St. Louis

I know that I would meet wonderful people on this missionary adventure, but wow, I’m still in daily awe of the incredible beauty and goodness of Belize and the people here!




{And there you are.}




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