The Reason I’ve Been Absent for a Moment

With the emergence of my teaching career, I have found myself unable to write. It’s not necessarily that I have been too busy, we can all claim to be too busy for a litany of responsibilities. Rather, I haven’t written for a while because I’m learning what it is to be present to those that surround me. One can so easily keep her heart with what she is familiar, with those that she already loves, with her family and friends back home, but this though, keeps her heart out of reach of all the new treasures Christ presents to her. I knew that if I hyper-focused on sharing my story, I would miss out on learning how to live it. I didn’t write for a moment because I had to learn that I couldn’t hold my heart for ransom. I needed to give it fully and completely to this incredible circumstance I now find myself living. And as such, these past several weeks have provided me time to live this new found beauty.

So with one line and one picture, I share with you my past month:

It’s as though I’ve never cared so much about another as I do now about these students I’ve been entrusted, so much so, that I’m now having trouble remembering what it used to be like when I didn’t care.

And the picture? Well, you see that capture of sheer joy? That capture up above as we apply tattoos of the Belizean flag to our faces for the Independence Day Parade this week? Yeah, that’s a moment of an insight into this beautiful circumstance.


Photo courtesy of fellow professor, Mr. Isaac Kimmel. 

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