Meet Sintia

“I want to become a saint basically.”

Sintia, the first Belizean volunteer here at the mission, is the young woman whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend. Graduating from John Paul II Junior College only this past year, she has already moved into the room above me and has dedicated her time to working alongside us. Intrigued by this, I decided to sit down with this friend who doesn’t really enjoy small talk and do just that, chat for a bit.

With every question I asked, she would sit and think, looking off into the distance before she presented her thoughts. Choosing each word with care, she explained that responsibility is what motivates her in life. “I do things because I have to do them, like growing in virtue. That’s an obligation.” She continued on stating that after graduation she was confronted with this overabundance of time. She became excited as she imagined all of the possibilities that came with this new-found freedom. “But then I realized that I would be doing it just for me.” And so, she decided to become a missionary in her very own community. Describing the sixth-form as a “unique institution in Belize,” she committed herself to working to make certain that the Junior College became successful. Not hiding her display of gratitude she looked up with great confidence and told me that she wants not only to see the school grow, but also be an active participant in that growth.

If I only had a moment to paint with words the impression left by my still young and new interactions with Sintia, I’d share the last thing she said to me at that picnic table:

“I want to be a saint basically. I admire St. Therese of Lisieux and her type of sainthood. I want to do the small things with love even if I don’t receive recognition.”

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